Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pointy toed socks... completed!

On the sock blockers... I still see pointy toes!

Off the sock blockers... I still see pointy toes!

On the feet... I don't see pointy toes! Well, not too pointy... besides, the toes will be inside shoes! ; )


  1. Such a lovely pair of socks. I quite enjoy knitting socks as they are easy to pick up and put down (a bit like tatting :) )

  2. Could there be pointy toes on the Librarians' feet? DH has pointy ears; unfortunately, everything about me is ROUND.
    The socks are really pretty and I love the colors; they look like 'happy feet'. XX Bev

  3. Very nice work - and I just adore those snowflakes of yours, they´re so pretty!!

  4. As frustrating as these were for you to make, they sure came out nice. Very fun colors!

  5. Slammin' socks! Your knitting rocks!
    (wow, that rhymed...)

  6. Your shuttles called. They are talking about a strike but I don't think the union is ready for that kind of action.

    I however beleive in craft equality for all.

    :-) Love the sockies!


  7. Nice job Diane. Bet you have lots of pointers for anyone else knitting these socks! (pun intended)

  8. Nice socks, love the colors! Well matched, too.

  9. Great looking socks Diane!! The colors are so pretty!!!


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