Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little bit here, a little bit there...

and pretty soon I've accomplished something!

I"m having a hard time finishing my pointy toed socks. I'm just not in love with either the toe or the yarn. I will finish them though. I joined a sock club, and I really want to work with my new yarn, but not until I've finished this sock!

The teal and goldenrod is the first of my new pair of mittens! The pattern is from my blog buddy Carolina. It is wonderfully written and easy to follow! I need to add the cording around the wrist, but otherwise, this mitten is finished!

I really did start to clean my sewing room, but I didn't get very far! I found three packages of socks that need some lace edging. I know that tatting would look much nicer, but I can crochet edges on a pair of socks in an hour. I can't tat that fast, and I need to get these off to my granddaughters before they're too big to wear them! To be honest, Ella will be getting socks that I bought for Lily. Lily will be getting socks that I bought for Eva, and Eva will be getting socks that... well, you get the idea!

Where's my tatting, you ask? Well, I just pulled out a ball of white thread, a shuttle, and a pattern book. While I was cleaning, or starting to clean, I found picture frame ornaments that I bought on clearance a year or two ago. I got the idea to put tatting in the picture frame ornaments from Gina. If I get them made up, my Christmas to do list will get much shorter. Get your shuttles ready, Tattycat! It's time for the flurry of snowflakes to begin!


  1. I don´t know what to say, I feel so flattered :)) For the first time someone did something I´ve designed.. thank you for that!! And the colors are very pretty, as well as your socks, by the way :)

    I´m still working on my "tatting-lessons".. I´ve learned, in the middle of all this, the basics of tatting, but that doesn´t help me much yet.. I´ll keep practising :)

  2. I love your colorful socks! One can never have too many pretty socks :) Oh, this is Jo by the way! LOL Dave wears ugly socks :)


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