Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another busy week...

Where does the time go? It seems that I've had very little time to do what I want to do, yet as a family we have accomplished a lot this week. I get to have a little time to myself this afternoon. Carol is working on sets for the high school play, and Dave is at her new house painting. The grocery shopping is done, and everything is put away. I do have two loads of laundry to finish up, but I can spend some me time while the machines are running.

Still, I have spent some time in tatting related activities...

First, despite my resolution to use what I have, I just had to purchase one of LadyShuttleMaker's beautiful new hand-painted ceramic shuttles. Isn't it gorgeous? It's my second favorite shuttle from Sherry. My most favorite is my Diane shuttle, which is in cobalt blue with tatting impressed into the ceramic.

I also took some time to finish blinging some more Clover shuttles. These are for Ann, a thank-you for my wonderful tatting press. I was hoping they would arrive by Valentine's Day, and they did. I hope you enjoy them, Ann!

Yes, I have been tatting, but I have nothing completed to show you. These are the pieces I'm working on. The blue is some Lizbeth that I picked up on clearance at Hobby Lobby. The pink/red is HDT from Krystledawne. The blue Aero shuttle is from LaCossette. The other shuttles are ones that I decorated.

I think these are all the shuttles I received this week... a win from eBay, my wonderful ceramic shuttle, and two more beauties from LaCossette.

I guess I've been a little self-indulgent. Oh, well... the bills are all paid, so I guess it's okay. : )


  1. I am envious of your new ceramic shuttle from LadyShuttleMaker - it's gorgeous! I have been eyeing them up, but can't indulge just now.

    Love your blinged shuttles also!

    Enjoy your "me" time - you have everything else under control :)

  2. That was my favorite shuttle too, Diane. We have good taste in bird houses. LOL
    You are really blessed to be able to be busy...much better than just sitting in one place all day. frustrating.

    xxxx bev

  3. Your shuttles are really eye-catching, Diane!

    I love browsing through your blog, it is always so interesting!

  4. you make me drool over your shuttles, over and over again... you lucky gal, diane.

    happy valentine's!

  5. I love them all, and Ladyshuttlemaker makes such beautiful ones, they are just incredible. You did a wonderful job with your own blinged shuttles too:)

  6. SO many beautiful shuttles, Diane! And I must say mine are some of the prettiest! I LOVE the shuttles you made for me and I am looking forward to putting them to good use. Thank you!

    ;) Ann

  7. Dear Diane:

    Your name was drawn for my OWOH giveaway. I've sent an e-mail.


    Always, Lelia


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