Monday, June 13, 2011

Making progress

Yes, indeed, I am making progress in my sewing room. It's not nearly neat enough to photograph yet, but I am seeing a vast improvement! I had high hopes of finishing before my mom's visit, but she's arriving tomorrow, and there just isn't enough time to get everything done. Today I put a new ironing board cover on and discovered that my ironing board is in really bad shape! I wonder if it's from neglect or heavy use? I can now use my sewing machine again! That's not to say that I can find my sewing materials, just the machine. : )

I have managed to get a little tatting done, and I'm now a little over halfway finished with the Cottage Border. I'm really enjoying tatting this edging. Maybe I'll stop cleaning while Mom's here and spend my time tatting and chatting instead!

Hmmm... maybe I'd better take time to tidy up my tatting table before Mom arrives tomorrow morning!


  1. Sounds like you use your sewing room like I do! Most of the time it looks like a tornado hit it - and I usually have to spend alot of time cleaning it before my mom comes to visit too.

    I vote for tatting and chatting :)

  2. Love the border - you did it so quickly!

    Do you like using that pretty shuttle? I have noticed these online and wondered about them. So shiny and smooth.
    Fox : )

  3. Your edging is beautiful,and even your sewing room is beautiful.

  4. I think you are a real crafter by the look of your sewing room, you know where everything is but to a non crafter its untidy.
    The edging looks lovely look forward to seeing it when you have finished it.
    I hope your mum enjoys her visit and wont look at your sewing room too hard. Does she tat as well?

  5. Cindy, you found me out! I had my sewing room in perfect shape three years ago. I bet you can just imagine how sad it looks today!

    Fox, I love my little shuttles from Emsyjane! I feel very feminine using them. ; )

    Carla and Margaret, this is only my table in the living room! I didn't want to scare everyone by showing pics of the sewing room! Maybe when I finish organizing and cleaning, I'll show pics of the beautiful room my husband made for me... I retire in eight years! ; )

  6. Good luck with your cleaning up and have a great visit with your mom!!

  7. The edging is quite pretty, and wow! only half done? You must speed-tat! I had to dismantle my art/sewing/etc room to set it up for showings as our house is for sale. Out of a room 9x13, I carted 25 boxes of stuff!! Can you imagine what it looked like? Usually like a bomb had gone off in a supply outlet! lol

  8. Your pink edging is so pretty and fine! It makes me want to have a go at tatting in pink. (Okay, only for a moment, but even so, that is saying something.) First rate border choice!

    Standing ovations are in order for your steadfast approach to sewing room organization. Bravo!

  9. Your pink edging looks lovely. I'm looking out for it on your pretty hanky. :)

  10. Diane que gusto volver a ver tus comentarios y trabajos. No te preocupes por el cuarto de costura, tu mama entendera y el mio esta igual. Besos


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