Monday, June 27, 2011


The tech guy just left, and I'm back in business!

I have lots of blog reading to do, emails to read, and I have to draw winners for Denise's birthday shuttles.

I'll be back later today! It feels so good to have Internet access again!


  1. So glad you are back in action! *hugs*

  2. LOL! You sound like a madwoman! I can just see you goin' at it!

  3. Me alegro que tengas internet de nuevo.Da gusto verte por aquí.

  4. Congrats and welcome back! My computer got slapped down by malware and I was offline for 36 horrible hours. (Horrible because during that time I was trying very hard to fix the problem and it was nearly impossible). So I almost know how you felt - except I was only off for a day and you were off for . . . Sorry, shouldn't remind you.

  5. Amiga, que gusto que vuelvas a conectarte. Besos


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