Sunday, June 19, 2011

Poor worm!

After attending the Lafayette Lace Day this spring, I was inspired to plow through my sewing room to get to my bobbin lace pillow. The little sampler on it was a mess, so I took it off and started a worm bookmark. I didn't remember all of this until this morning, when I saw the beginning of the cute little worm!

Before breakfast, I decided to move my bobbin lace onto the screened in porch. I really hadn't touched my bobbin lace since going to Lafayette, because I'd have had to put all my tatting away. Maybe bobbin lace will become a summer only activity, that is unless I manage to get my sewing room in order this summer!

Unfortunately for the poor worm, I tried to finish him by relying on my memory and my pent up enthusiasm from yesterday's lace day in Downers Grove. About halfway through, I realized I really need to re-read the instructions, and possibly watch a video or two!

Poor little guy! He's usable. He just doesn't look at all like the pattern! When I realized how badly I had messed up, I just finished him up in cloth stitch.

I think I'll embrace Scarlett O'Hara's attitude for this project... tomorrow is another day!


  1. Item 1: That sure looks like the ideal spot to do all kinds of needlework!

    Item 2: It seems to me that the little worm is actually "OK" finished off with the cloth stitch (I admit I know very little about bobbin lace stitches!) He could still be useful!

    Item 3: I am comforted by the fact that your sewing room is in disarray, since my craft room (now begrudgingly sharing space with 'office' stuff) is also in disarray. I have spent the last 20 years rearranging it, and it never attains perfection! But I'm glad I have it!

    Item 4: Seems like you had a good time at Lace Day! And you were one of the tatting super-stars there!

  2. The important thing is that you took some time for yourself to make lace. And the little worm looks rather good to me. Keep going!

  3. He is cute! What a lovely place to sit and do lace and tat!

  4. sometimes it need a good night's sleep. but that worm is real cute.

  5. Don't give up, Diane. Remember when you first started to tat, did it look perfect? Your bobin lace will get better the more you do it. Remember this is your first go at it and I think it looks pretty good for the first try.

  6. Never mind its just needing a little more practice, I am sure you will get a beautiful piece of lace work given time.

    Your sewing room looks comforatble and I wish I had one.


  7. Bobbin lace! How impressive. It seems like such a complicated thing. And not quite as portable as tatting, but lovely nonetheless! The little worm is so cute! (:

  8. super this photo! beautiful home

  9. Hi Diane
    the worm bookmark looks lovely!

  10. aha - the worm! Mine has errors, too + I had good instructors looking over my shoulder!

    Yes, I should take a picture.

    I enjoyed it so much ; ) I will have to give it another try (once I obtain some supplies)


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