Monday, July 30, 2012

Miranda's Challenge, round 2

I just finished round two of Miranda's Challenge, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself! If I tat this doily again, I think I'll play around with the stitch count. I did have to steam this round to get it to lie flat, but it wasn't too bad.

I love this thread! It's size 20 Lizbeth, color #163, Blue Ice. It is so smooth! I really do think the different color dyes make a difference in the feel of the thread.

Dave did take me to JoAnn's to look for the fabric yesterday. Unfortunately, they did not stock it. However, this morning when I checked my email, I had a coupon for $2.95 shipping. You guessed it... I ordered the fabric online, along with a few others that were calling my name! I might have to make some more Origami pouches. ; )

Note: I just read on Miranda's blog that this doily is actually the first three rounds of Mom's Doily by Nancy Tracy. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your wonderful designs! I hope I've represented your pattern in a way that pleases you.


  1. Looking brilliant so far well done

  2. Oh Diane!! I love that doily and it's not even done!!! :)

  3. Where does the line start for origami pouches made from that fabric?!?
    You're doing a fantastic job by the way!

  4. Great start on the doily! I have so many things to do I really don't have time for this but I am soooo tempted!

  5. Looking good so far ,mine is slightly different to your wonder what others will come up with.Now to start round three, do I do string or full chain?

  6. As I mentioned to Miranda, even though I'm not doing the challenge, that third round is very vague. She agreed it's more like a sketch than real tatting! Good luck with that! You'll be creating a 'new' design!

  7. This is to cool, Diane. Good Luck with round 3.


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