Friday, July 13, 2012

Oval Doily Round 5

I finished round 5. Don't look too closely... you might be able to spot the two chains where my stitch count is different. Hopefully it won't be real obvious once I tat the next round!

Yesterday was a great day! I didn't get much tatting done because of the humidity, but I did receive my beautiful new Lace-Lovin' shuttle by La Cossette in the mail! Thank you very much, secret friend! I wish I could convey how much your kind gesture means to me. I am truly honored by your gift!

I also had a fantastic day at the dentist! Look Mom, no cavities! Even better than that, I learned that my hygienist learned to tat from her grandmother years ago! It's a little difficult to carry on a conversation with dental instruments in the mouth, but we did manage to carry on a wonderful conversation. Susan has some of her grandmother's shuttles as well as some of her handkerchiefs with tatted edgings and other pieces. If I remember correctly, Susan's grandmother was from Lithuania and spoke German. She did not read patterns, so her tatting was all of her own design. Isn't that fantastic? 

I gave Susan my blog information, and I invited her to our next Tollway Tatters meeting on August 15. I sure hope she can come, and I hope she takes up tatting again!


  1. August 15th? Which tollway? Getting the google maps ready...

  2. How lovely it's not everyday you meet someone who knows about tatting and has some old shuttles.
    Your doily looks beautiful and I can't see where it's slightly different, I am not going to be rude and look at every ring just to find it, It's a lovely colour, how many more rounds do you have to do?

  3. Love your your group (and the shirts!!) reading about your tatting adventures :)
    Also great to see Eva is still working hard :)

  4. Doily is looking good. What fun to meet someone with a link to tatting.

  5. Your doily is coming along well!!! How many rows are there in total?


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