Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tatting here, tatting there...

tatting projects everywhere! Yes, I have been tatting this week, just in small doses... not enough to blog about. However, once I put all my little bits of tatting into perspective, I see that I have accomplished far more than I realized!

This morning I took time between laundry loads to tat Day 8 of Jane's TIAS. I'm afraid if anyone actually watched me tat a split ring, gales of laughter would be heard throughout the universe... yes, it is that funny to watch my contortions, both finger and facial! Nevertheless, I am managing to keep up with the TIAS for the first time ever!

I'm also test-tatting "Romantic Hexagon" by Gunhild. I LOVE this pattern! I think I will have to make it in a variety of colors. I love the way the pattern flows, and I keep looking at my apothecary jar and imagining which colors I could use for the next one!

I did make a little progress with my Hen and Chick edging. I love working with size 70 thread, as long as I don't make a mistake!

This morning I started on the 7th spoke of my Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. This is the only project I have going that does not require a copy of the pattern. I wonder why? ;-)


  1. Thank you so much, Diane, for test-tatting and your nice words...I think you HAVE a variety of thread to choose can choose a differnt combination for every season of the year ;))


  2. I have only the Visual Patterns book, so I didn't realize Mary Konior had a 'hen and chick' pattern. Very pretty!

    I'm wondering how you hold your left hand for the split ring. I discovered that all I have to do is just drop the first shuttle, then reposition the ring pretending the second shuttle was the basis for the original ring, and I hold the ring exactly as I always hold rings ('crochet hold'). Of course, the tricky thing is to NOT flip the thread with the 2nd shuttle and to keep the forefinger taut! Then I have to switch my hand position back as if I never left the ring when tatting with the first shuttle, so that the first shuttle closes the ring.

    I think it's best to learn split rings with two colors of thread, to more easily see which shuttle is controlling which thread. I didn't figure that out for awhile, though!

  3. Your hem and chick looking lovely, yes I wonder why you can do a mat without a pattern, must be you have done of a lot of them?
    All your tatting is looking good.


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