Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring Garden

Thank you to Alicja for pointing out that I had the wrong word for cross! I guess that's what I get for looking at my enlarged copy instead of the book. I'm so sorry for the mix-up!

I love this pattern! As you can see, today I tatted Krzyz by Jan Stawasz in size 20 Lizbeth #124, Spring Garden.

Today I used a flat doodad, which is very slightly larger than the domed one I used yesterday. A little bit of steam did the trick, and I'm happy with the flat doodad in the center. However, I don't think I like the multi-colored thread for this pattern. I think a more subtle blend of colors shows off the pattern better.

I feel very lucky to own these two shuttles from Chris Hinton. The Palmetto Tatters shuttle was a gift from my dear friend Sue Anna. If I understand correctly, these were the last shuttles Chris made before his laser machine stopped working.

The shuttle on the right is a sea horse. If I remember correctly, Chris based this design on Anne B's Seahorse Dragon but couldn't work the wings into the design. Anne B's Seahorse Dragon is Debbie Arnold's Seahorse with wings. So, in my mind, this shuttle is a representation of Debbie's pattern. No matter how you look at it, it's a beautiful shuttle!


  1. I like it with the square doodad too and agree with you about the thread. STill pretty but I liked the other one better color-wise.

  2. ...very mice pattern and color...

  3. I thought it was a very pretty thread and looking brilliant with a glad doodad.

  4. Beautiful Pattern!!! That thread combo is possibly my favorite thread to tat with!

  5. Sorry for my english, but I think about it over and over again :)
    I don't know this pattern by Jan Stawasz, but I'm a little bit surprised. "Serce" in polish means "heart". "Cross" it's "krzyż".
    Whatever... your crosses are beautiful!

  6. I like this tatted cross both in subtle color and this delicious pink and green. Happy Tatting equals Happy Heart...


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