Monday, February 18, 2013

Tollway Tatters meet again!

What a wonderful day for the Tollway Tatters to meet! There was very little traffic as we traveled to our meeting place, which made for a very relaxing drive!

There were goodies galore that were shared with all...

Denise brought hackle pliers for us. Fly fishermen use them, but so do the Shuttle Brothers! Denise went on a search after seeing them on the Shuttle Brothers' site, and she generously gave some to each of us. Carol called them reverse tweezers, just to give you an idea of how they work.

I brought Origami pouches for everyone to choose from. The idea is for everyone to decorate them with tatting. The hardest part will be deciding which designs and colors will work best with the bags!

Marilee asked to see some of my Spinning Wheel glass mats, so I brought them along as well.

Carol found a deal on Vera Bradley tape measures and brought them along for us. I was sure I took a picture of Carol, but it's not on my phone. I know she was there, because she was sitting right next to me! Sorry, Carol... I'll make sure I have a picture next time!

Sue Anna baked cookies... yum!

I could tell Denise had a lot of fun today!

It was great to have Barbara back with us! She missed the last meeting because of health problems, but she was ready to have a good time tatting today!

Marilee was all smiles today!

She brought along some beautiful hand-dyed wool/silk blend, and this is the color I chose!

I managed to finish my Pansy Spinning Wheel today. Sue Anna liked it so much, I let her take it home with her. I know it will be well-loved!

Marilee was busy designing today. It's so much fun to see her working out a design!

The question is, should this be a pendant and earring set, or should it be a necklace made of these three elements? It will be fun to see what Marilee decides to do!

I'm beat! I think I must have had too much fun today!


  1. It looks like y'all had a blast!!

  2. You know, I keep thinking I should go. When is the next one?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time.

  4. It sure was a great time at our gathering! I'm glad you took photos of Denise and Carol's gifts, I forgot to get photos of them. Thank you so much for the origami bag, it's lovely and so handy to carry a project in!

  5. Well, at least I get to see the fun had by all!!! :)
    I was busy with my granddaughters. :)

  6. Looks like you ladies had lots of fun! DS9Designs sells the hackle pliers for anyone interested. They are pretty handy.

  7. Sounds like you all had a great day.

  8. Wonderful to be able to meet like that!

  9. I fear I am green with envy at how you all get together and share your love of tatting. So much sharing and caring. Your "Pansy" doily is beautiful and how generous of you to give it a new home. Blissful Tatting...

  10. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. All those Spinning wheels, goodness.

  11. Oh what fun!!! Looking forward to our next gathering.


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