Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 Indiana Lace Day

The Lafayette Lacemakers held their Indiana Lace Day today, and Denise and I headed out early this morning! Well, we thought it was early. We forgot that even though Lafayette is only an hour and a half away, they're in a different time zone!

Before we did anything else, we chatted with two friends we made at previous Lace Days, Carol and Carolyn. Unfortunately, I never thought to take even one picture! So, you only get to see pictures that I took after I arrived home.

Let me tell you, I am the luckiest girl alive!

Way back in January, Battatter asked what we would like to see in 3D tatting. In case you didn't know, she does fabulous 3D tatting. Her bats are unbelievable! Anyway, I replied that I would like to see a grandfather clock. I love grandfather clocks... it's kind of a family thing. I was so surprised when she gave me my very own 3D grandfather clock today!

Do you recognize the face? It's Grandfather Clock from Captain Kangaroo! Grandfather Clock was my favorite character! Thank you, Carol! This will be my most treasured tatting gift forever!

Oh, and do you see the pretty blue origami pouch in the background? I won it! It was made by another dear tatting friend, Lelia from Stitches of Life II.

...and it was stuffed with goodies! I wish you could have been there, Lelia. It was a great day, and now I have one of your origami pouches!

Yes, there was some retail therapy today... tatting shuttles, thread, books, patterns, bobbins... but I'll save all that for another post. I wouldn't want you to be too jealous of all the fun we had!


  1. Wow! Carol is amazing!!! Love the grandfather clock.
    The bag is lovely. You did have a great day.

  2. Fabulous grandfather clock!!! :)

  3. Well, your lack of pictures didn't have the desired effect - since I am unashanedly jealous! What wonderful gifts, but the clock is wrong - it should stand "at ten to three...."

  4. WOW! What an awesome tatted clock. Carol rocks ; )

    Glad you are enjoying the origami bag I made. I noticed you have the one with blue cord and the blue box!

    What fun. Looking forward to your next post and photos. I so wanted to be there today.

  5. Wow what lovely pouch bag and goodies, and the grand father clock looks brilliant, like you I like grandfather clocks, I have the family one, made 1750 I am the first woman to own it, unfortunately I am the end of the family line.
    Can you do a close up picture of the grand father clock.
    Thank you

  6. Such lovely goodies, Diane!...I recognized the face on that precious clock as soon as I saw it! LOVE!!! xo

  7. Too late-I'm already jealous!
    Your grandfather clock is fantastic!
    Love the origami bag filled with goodies.

  8. I am so glad you liked the clock!
    (If you hadn't wanted it, I was going to put it in the raffle.)
    I had a wonderful time with you and Denise, can't wait until next time.
    And.. I went to Jo Ann's and found that fabric! YaY!! And, this made me laugh, there was a HUGE Hello Kitty display right inside the door! Too bad Denise wasn't there!
    Until next time..!

  9. Yes, Diane, you certainly are a lucky gal! That clock is really something else. The origami bag and all the treasures in it are also wonderful gifts. And for you and Denise to be able to attend the Indiana Lace Day was special in its self. Lucky, lucky gal!!!

  10. Grandfather Clock is priceless! Lovely bag of tatting goodies, too. You are a lucky girl, indeed!


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