Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pure indulgence

I had no time for tatting tonight. I was busy doing some research for school, and I had to pay bills... yuck! Nevertheless (Don't you just love that word?), I had to share something tatting related.

Did I need it? No. Did I want it? Yes! I already own this book in soft cover, but when I found it in hard cover for almost the same as what I paid for the soft cover, I bought it.

Yes, indeed... pure indulgence.


  1. Fabulous find!

    Yes indeed, you were wise to snap that one up. It is a wonderful book. I didn’t know it came in softcover. All my MKs are hard-covered.
    Fox : )

  2. Where did you find it? I keep looking and never seem to find her books for sale. I only have one so far.

  3. You lucky one!
    I´m looking for buying this book for a long time. If you don´t need it, I would be happy to buy it or exchange for another tatting book (maybe a german one) my email is gutmama/et/gmx dot de

    springlike regards from Germany

  4. What a great find! Lucky lady.

  5. Great find, there's not many around, well done

  6. It's good to indulge sometimes! What a great find....and, that little Sophia is just precious. I love that photo!

  7. I had a comment and POOF - got an error. Here goes again:

    Lucky You! I really enjoy this book. I have a couple patterns out right now.

    Pin Loom - tatting, need to flip a coin as I find I have an evening free.


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