Monday, April 22, 2013

Darned critters!

I haven't had Internet access since Wednesday night. It took the technician two hours to find the problem... chewed wires under the porch. Darned critters! We have rabbits everywhere, and who knows what else. Darned critters!

I've found that when I don't have Internet access, I have a tough time staying focused with my tatting. I guess it's because I can't share what I've been doing with all my tatting buddies!

I've started Round VII of Doily VI from Tatted Treasures by Jan Stawasz. It's not quite as simple as I thought it would be, but it's not difficult either. I just need to follow the pattern. I'm sure I'll have it memorized by the tenth pattern repeat. ;-)

I needed to find something simple to tat, so I pulled this book off the shelf. I checked the copyright date (a librarian thing I guess), and I was surprised to see that this book is from 1994.

This is 34. Tatted Edging 1405-34T. The pattern is on page 22. I became bored with this pattern very quickly. I think that's partly because I'm not fond of lengths of bare thread in tatting.

I much prefer this pattern, 35. Tatted Edging 1405-35T. I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet, but I love the color, and I'm using up thread on a shuttle, always a plus!

Now do I check my 53 spam messages to see if they're really spam? I guess I should go through the 78 email messages that didn't go to my phone for some reason. I'm not sure I have time to go back and read the 172 blog posts I missed.

I haven't been ignoring you, dear tatting friends. It's the fault of those darned critters!


  1. My parents have had a squirrel chew through the telephone line every year that they have lived in their house(almost 30 years). Crazy critters. I am sure those wires can't taste good.

  2. Just think of it as a Bunny Break...

    Well, I am not a librarian and as far back as I can remember - and that is a long way back - I have always read the copyright info on a book before i begin it. Never ever thought about it till you posted that tidbit! Thanks for the new realization, Diane!
    Fox : ))

  3. I wondered where you were! On a Bunny Break, how annoying. Yeah, I find blogging keeps me focussed too.

  4. Well your bunny break, has given you the opportunity to look at the book dates,
    Lovely edging love the colour, at least you have something to show for your bunny break.

  5. Darned critters...we have them also for our phone lines every winter. I love your tatting. The red is refreshing for an edging. Happy Creative Hearts...


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