Saturday, August 31, 2013

A perfect Spinning Wheel?

Well, it may not be perfect, but it is made with Perfect Quilter thread!

It measures about 3 1/2" across, and I have the perfect place for it...

in my curio cabinet! Wait... what's that? Another tiny Spinning Wheel? I had totally forgotten that I tatted a tiny Spinning Wheel over a year ago in Sulky Blendables! I think my cabinet is looking a little bare. Maybe I should tat a few more tiny Spinning Wheels... food for thought.

Since I got a little carried away buying quilting thread, please email me if you'd like a sample. I know I have way more than I'll ever be able to use. If you have a specific project in mind, please let me know how much you'd like so that I send you enough. Also, if you have a favorite color, I can look to see if I have what you like. I'm happy to share!


  1. Your spinning wheel does look perfect! The variegation turned out beautifully!

    I'd love some of your PQ! Blue, green - anything you want.

    Do you still have my address? YOu are SO generous!

  2. Ooo..such a pretty color and so dainty!! Truly lovely!

  3. Beautiful!! And I recognize that color. It's Denim Blues. I love that color too.

  4. Beautiful lovely colour, just perfect for your cabinet.

  5. wow I am interested in a sample I will email you I can't seem to find the perfect quilter thread I looked at Jo-annes But I do have a quilting store that is local I'll have to check out.

  6. I love the color of the Denim/Blue but any color is good!
    What a wonderful thing for you to do and now I can try it to see if I want to invest in more.
    I'll email you, too, and thank you so much!!!!!

  7. Hello Diane: Sent you an e-mail!!!

    Thx, L


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