Wednesday, August 7, 2013


It was hot and humid today, so when I returned from a morning of working at school, I decided to tat a snowflake.

"Adiratna" is from Elegant Tatting Gems by Jon Yusoff. I was so flattered when Jon asked me to test tat patterns for this book a couple of years ago, and I do love every single snowflake. I've lost track of how many snowflakes I've tatted from this book, but I know I haven't tatted them all, and I'm pretty sure I've never tatted any of them in white... what a strange concept... a white snowflake! ;-)


  1. Can't believe you're heading back to schooo already, but what an amazing summer you've had! Sure wish I could accomplish as much as you do! The doily is perfect, and beautifully crocheted on! I wondered how the motifs would 'fit' around! The crochet idea is th way to go! Wow - no thread left! I always crocheted my knitted garment seams together so that I could easily rip them out if they didn't turn out right the first time.

    I never in my life have heard of a cricket loom! Thanks to the internet, I watched a video! It's the setting up of the loom that
    would intimidate me. And yours is on a stand? You're sure a talented and busy gal!

    Have a great time tomorrow!

  2. You tat fast and that's funny being your first white one. I saw another snow flake long ago, and who ever tatted it made it look like a flower I didn't even recognize it, and I just had tatted the same one in white.

  3. It seems strange to me you are heading back to school, here in the UK they break up around the 20th July and won't be going back until September.

    I love this snowflake what a pretty design and a white snowflake how traditional.


  4. Lovely snowflake. Hope it did you make feel cooler!


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