Monday, August 19, 2013

Sometimes it takes two tries...

I was happily tatting Galuh from Elegant Tatting Gems by Jon Yusoff, when I realized that I had too many rings in the center. I wasn't sure why, so I kept on tatting. It wasn't until I finished the third cluster that I realized I had missed a join and created an extra ring.

I wasn't in the mood to retro-tat, so I just started over. This looks so much better!


  1. looking good, you did better than me I only put 5 rings in the outer part.

  2. It will look great as all your snowflakes do!! :)

  3. well don't through the mistake piece away I would keep it and put it on a crazy patch quilt pillow or on a Victorian book cover. But you probable knew that!

  4. Beautiful. I would love to sit with you and learn how you tat so perfectly. Blissful Dear...

  5. Isn’t it funny how we keep on going even though we’ve known all along something is amiss... We all do it too, I’ll bet! You are not alone. : ))

  6. Yes, I know what Fox means. But until you can see where the mistake is, it doesn't make sense to stop!

  7. Fox knows we are all the same, we all do it and we all make mistakes.
    My husband moaned at me the other more or less saying I was making too many mistakes and unpicking all the time I was no good at tatting,
    I am looking forward to seeing your latest snowflake if the others are to go by it will be lovely.


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