Sunday, September 15, 2013

Keeping up with the kids...

Have you heard of the Rainbow Loom?

It's very popular with the kids at our school, both boys and girls. I can't remember how I heard of it, but I investigated right away and then headed off to Michaels to buy two... one for my granddaughter Lily's birthday present, and one to keep at my house for when the grandchildren visit.

2nd grader Grace encouraged me to start with the fishtail pattern, so I did with very pleasing results. She wants me to start the starburst pattern next. We'll see. I'd sure hate to use up all my rubber bands before my grandchildren get a chance to try it out! Oh, wait... I can buy more. ;-)

I worked on my scarf some more during the Viking/Bears game today. I can't believe I've been working on this for two months. I used to be able to finish a scarf in a week, but that was before tatting took over my life!

I did start another snowflake in size 20 Lizbeth Blue Ice. Sigh... so many things to try out, so little time.


  1. bummer on the Vikings/Bears game. I suppose you are on the opposite side?
    That will be a very pretty scarf. Interesting loom projects. I can remember using rubber bands to make our jump ropes at school for recess.

  2. The thing my Grands got me hooked on this summer was boondoggle or some call it gimp. I remember using it as a kid but there are so many patterns now... it is a lot of fun! And it comes in a billion colours! I actually took some tatting breaks to play with the stuff as it is very addictive. : ))

  3. Oh goodness...I may have to find one of those Diane. The girls would like that I fear.

    I have a whole shoe box full of lanyard lacing cord (boondoggle) Fox! That stuff has been the basis of WAY too many projects with my girl scout troop over the years...though older daughter and friends have now moved on and little one has a couple of more years before she can start.

  4. more year, then I suppose I will be doing scouts again :-)

  5. I saw the rainbow loom on Totally Tutorials, very neat! Yeah, you need a knitting-self and a tatting-self that can work along at the same time as each other.

  6. Just recently saw the rainbow loom, but it just isn't my thing. :)
    Looks like your scarf is coming along nicely!! :)
    I can't wait to see that snowflake finished cuz' the design so far looks very interesting and elegant!! :)

  7. All your work looks great as usual, I showed my daughter how to knit and she started a scarf and it so soft and I want it so bad, and she hasn't finished it It's been 1 and half years!

  8. Very cool bracelet that you made! My mind is boggled by the number of video instructions (many done by kids!) and the combinations for 'weaving' the rubber bands! There were a ton of the looms at Michaels the other day, and they had a demonstration, so I finally got to see it in person. Fox mentioned gimp, which is something I played with back in the '50s, and I see it's still out there, with more sophisticated patterns!

  9. So many things to try, so little time to do it all in! At least you'll never be board:-)


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