Monday, September 9, 2013

Perfect Quilter Sun-n-Surf

Yes, I have another Spinning Wheel in progress! I am enjoying using Perfect Quilter. It's so smooth, and when I make a mistake, I haven't had any trouble picking it out.

Let's see, I have 17 colors of Perfect Quilter, so I can anticipate at least 17 Spinning Wheels in my future. Superior Threads also makes King Tut, which I absolutely love, so I suppose I should have a Spinning Wheel out of each of those colors. But wait... I don't have all the colors of King Tut. Could it be that it's time to go shopping again? ;-)


  1. I love tatting the Spinning Wheel, too. So easy to memorize and you quickly have a finished doily.
    I have one spool of King Tut #998. It's #40/3....I'm thinking that means size 40 thread, 3 ply.
    I'd love to send you some!

  2. I have one lot of Perfect Quilter and I love it too. When I've used a bit more of my Lizbeth I'll maybe treat myself to more. I think I can now get it in the UK now. Such pretty, pretty colours.

  3. I have to try this pattern. You do a wonderful job.

  4. I did not know that Superior Threads made both Perfect Quilter and King Tut brands. I love my King Tut!

    If you had to compare, would you say they are equal in quality? Or is one suprerior to the other?

  5. Really great color!! :) Going to need it when winter comes around just to remind you of the bright and beautiful summertime. :)

  6. Your Perfect Quilter tats are gorgeous. Can you tell me what weight the Perfect Quilter thread is. Is it like 40 or something?


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