Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday only?

I hope not! Now that Open House is over, I hope to settle into a routine so that I can tat and blog on a more regular basis. For some reason, it just hasn't happened so far.

This week I worked on "Christina" from Tatted Bookmarks - cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn. I love this pattern, and I have tatted so many it feels like an old friend. I used size 80 Lizbeth #149, Peacock Blues. It's a present for a very special little girl (not one of my granddaughters) who loves blue. I guess we're kindred spirits!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive Martha Ess's new book, Flights of Fantasy, in the mail yesterday. I really wasn't expecting it to ship until after Tat Days. I am not disappointed. This is a fabulous book, especially if you love dragons, unicorns, and Pegasus!

Thanks for publishing another fantastic book, Martha! Now I just need to choose my threads, load my shuttles, and tat... or should I finish up the projects I've already started? Decisions. Decisions.


  1. That cross is so very beautiful(maybe it's the color???), actually I just love it!! :)
    Hope you get tatting time back again!! I totally understand getting away from it and trying hard to recapture the tranquility of tatting again!! :)

  2. Lovely cross bookmark. I too hope to get into a more regular tatting and blogging schedule. School is a wonderful thing until it interferes with tatting!

  3. I got my book too and can't wait to do the fairy in it. I love Martha's books.

  4. Whoever the little girl is, she'll love this very special gift! I can't wait to see what you tat from that book! Hope you get some time to play this weekend! xo

  5. your tatting is always well done and this book looks like fun too!

  6. Blues are my heartthrob and this cross is bluetiful! Schedules will settle soon...Autumn is a much slower season I believe. Tatting Bliss Dear...

  7. I really like that cross pattern!

    Did Martha do a blue cover and binding with you in mind? :) That was very efficient of her to mail those out before Tat Days!

  8. I love browsing through your blog, it is always so interesting!
    Many beautiful tatting works.


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