Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting ready!

We've cleaned up from Thanksgiving, and today we are getting ready for Christmas! Dave has been busy washing windows and putting lights on the tree. I'm sure that the people driving by our house at 55 mph will be able to notice that the windows are clean. ;-)

As soon as the tree is in place, I'll start decorating. That's our deal... Dave does the lights. I do the ornaments.

In anticipation of today's activities, I decided to get in the Christmas spirit by tatting a Christmas tree.

This is Ruth Perry's Tatted Christmas Tree 2013, a great little pattern! Ruth has beads at the base of the tree, but I decided to try a doodad because they were sitting right next to me. My next one will have beads just like Ruth's. Oh, yes... there will be more Christmas trees! Thank you, Ruth!

I used size 20 Lizbeth #601, Snow White. I purchased doodads from Fire Mountain Gems, item #H20-8942FX. This is a multi-pack of 500. I know... that's a lot of doodads!The S hooks are from Wirestorm Creations. Some day I'll be brave and try some of the colored S hooks!

What's in your basket of Christmas tatting?


  1. I love it with the doodad on the bottom!

  2. Love the tree and the doodad! Our group has a tatting event this weekend.

  3. Lovely tree. Great idea to use a doodad at the bottom!

  4. Thats a lovely little tree thanks for sharing the pattern.

  5. So cute! I like to doodad--looks like a nice base. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  6. Great snow white Christmas tree!!! :)


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