Thursday, April 20, 2017

A three Ice Drop day

It's been my routine to start an Ice Drop before bed and finish it in the morning.

I was really glad that I did that yesterday, because I was called in to sub at the last minute. I feel like I've accomplished so much when I've finished even one Ice Drop!

The kids were working on group projects, so my main task was to keep the noise level down and make sure they stayed on task. I've found that I can do most of my tatting without looking at my hands when I'm working on an Ice Drop.

So, I was able to complete two while at the high school yesterday!

Unfortunately, I didn't tat any more once I got home. I watched Pete's Dragon with Bella, made dinner, read a little from The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book, and headed off to bed early.

It has always bothered me that "With" is capitalized in Gone With the Wind. I read in the trivia book that Margaret Mitchell submitted her manuscript using a lower case w, but the publisher decided to capitalize it.

I'm also bothered by the incorrect grammar used by reporters and news anchors. I know I'm not perfect when it comes to grammar, but the glaring mistakes drive me batty. Dave keeps reminding me that the people on the television set cannot hear me correcting their mistakes. :-)


  1. Love that English teacher in you.

  2. I'm so glad to know that I am not the only person that shouts corrections at the television.

  3. I am pained by the creeping use of "Source" for "Buy". It annoys me beyond endurance, being urged to "source" ripe avocadoes from the supermarket. Nobody buys things anymore, and it's crept into the playgrounds as well. My eldest son, who has perfect pitch, used to tell me that it approached physical pain when he heard a wrong note being played, and I think that people to whom grammar matters feel just as much discomfort when faced with these awful affectations.

    I like your ice drops!

    And I am not buying my avocadoes at the Sourcing supermarket anymore..... I did tell them this, but I shall have to wait for the pendulum to swing as they haven't replied to my very polite letter.

  4. Diane you made me laugh, I know I am a bad speller and I may not be the best but grammar is something I am hitting a brick wall with at my grand daughter, she is driving me up the wall. I am sure they think I am fussy but she never starts a sentence with a capital letter, never uses a full stop, and as for comas they don't exist, her Facebook page is unbelievable, hubby says don't look but it pops up like a bad penny, she even put the wrong are it should have been "our". All I can say one day she's going to apply for a job and wonder why she can't get one,
    They don't teach them today the three "Rs", I sound old fashioned but this is the next generation and God help us. I am off my soap box.
    Beautiful ice drops,

  5. Diane,love all your ice drops!!!!

  6. I did smile. Grammar mistakes drive me crazy too. Having said that, I'd rather get a letter with bad grammar than no letter at all. But of course television is another matter.

  7. I guess that means they can't hear me either?

  8. Fabulous Ice Drops!!! I love how the color of the gems seems to almost change the color of the thread(optical illusion I am sure).
    I am terrible with correct grammar and punctuation, but I try! As for me, I am always wanting to wash someone's mouth out with soap-I guess I am getting older!

  9. Ah, they are always in a rush to "break news", falling over themselves in their race to exclusivity or being first! Little wonder their words tumble out helter-skelter ;-D

  10. Beautiful Ice Drops. My mother was quite the stickler on grammar and diction. When someone sings the word "YOU" and they pronounce it "CHou" it makes me cringe and hear my mother correcting everyone!!! I am clearly not perfect but I am so with you on this pet peeve. <3


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