Sunday, April 23, 2017

Monster sock

I should have known better. I typically go down two needle sizes when I knit. I didn't this time, and this sock looks like it could fit Godzilla! Maybe I'll decorate it as a Christmas stocking. 😉

My friend Sue shared her Ice Drop pattern on the Ice Drop Addicts Facebook page. I misread the directions and came up with this. Not bad, but not what Sue intended!

My second attempt at Sue's pattern wasn't much better. The first round is more what Sue had in mind, but I think I should have used a finer thread. I played with the second round, which really did nothing to enhance the bead I used. Oh, well... back to the drawing board!


  1. Christmas stocking sounds the best bet. Unless you unravel it and start again with smaller needles.

  2. Bedsocks! Nice and squishy and they don't have to fit.

  3. I like your bright and colorful sock!!! :)
    I really like them both!!! :) I think you did a great job!!! :) I just posted on the facebook page that I forgot to tell everyone I used size 40 thread-sorry!


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