Monday, April 24, 2017

Ducks in the pond

Can you see them? In all the years we've lived here, this is the first time we've seen ducks in the pond. We've seen a heron a few times, but these are our first ducks!

I finished up the warp on Dad's box loom. I did a little experimenting with finishing off the ends. There's just a knot on the left side, but on the right I did a little bit of braiding before knotting it. I'm still having trouble with getting an even weave, and I'm wondering if it's because I don't keep an even tension as I'm holding the woven end. I think I'll go back to my Shining Glen loom to see if I can do better.

I subbed at the high school today, so I took some tatting along. I really only tatted a few rings and chains on this Spinning Wheel glass mat. I've been carrying it in my purse for several weeks. It needed a shot of steam, and now I'm inspired to work on it again. 😊

Today was a four Ice Drop day. Aren't these colorful? They're each done in Marilee Rockley's size 20 hand-dyed thread, Candy Mint. I think they look good enough to eat!

I finally started round 9 of Renulek's Wiosna 2017. I thought it would be complicated, but the pattern was really easy to memorize. It just will take a while to get all the way around!


  1. That's cool about the ducks!!! My parents had a in-ground pool that never really got used(not that we didn't want to), but every spring a pair of ducks came and a fearful as my mom was with animals(other than cats) she loved to watch them through the windows and had to call and let me know they were back.
    Wow!!! You have been super busy!! I like your weaving item!! Another glass mat in progress and looking great as always!! More fabulous Ice Drops!!! And your doily is gorgeous!!! :)

  2. hey, are these the ducks that Jane rescued last year ??? great visitors :-)
    you've accomplished so much tatting and weaving !

  3. These ducks are so lovely! I think they will come back next year again. In front of our house there is a creek, and ducks spend a few days there every year:)

    Your work is gorgeous!

  4. Wonderful to have ducks in the pond! Yes, round 9 is not difficult, it just takes some time.

  5. The post puts "all you ducks in a row" ha ha ha you I drops look like candy💟😄💟

  6. How nice of Mrs duck to come to your pond, hope they stay a while.
    Beautiful ice drops, another lovely spinning wheel in the making and your mat is looking lovely

  7. Your Wiosna is looking just ducky! :))


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