Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dots and shuttle love

I was able to spend some time chatting with Usha online this morning, and she inspired me to try her dot picots again.

I'm not very good with them, but I will keep on trying!

My newest shuttles arrived from Japan today!

Emiko's packaging is almost as beautiful as her shuttles!


  1. Your dot picot project looks pretty good! :)
    Wonderful shuttles!! :)

  2. Lovely shuttles! It's nice to get a pretty package too. Usha's dots give a lovely texture, I like your little motifs.

  3. Very nice try Diane. Beautiful shuttles.

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  5. Love the dot picots. Worth practicing, I found. :)

  6. Promising start ;-D Dot picots would make a nice decorative element for your icedrops (hint, hint)

  7. Your dot picots look lovely, I really must try this hopefully while I'm on holiday next week, hopefully my eye will have settled down by them.
    Muskann can hint perhaps she should try ice drops.


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