Saturday, September 16, 2017

Palmetto Tat Days 2017 ~ shuttles

I was way too tired to post last night. I subbed all day Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and I subbed part of the day Wednesday and Friday. I'm not used to working that hard now that I'm retired!

Anyway, I'm sure most of you know that I'm addicted to tatting shuttles. My favorite inexpensive shuttle is the Clover, but when a pretty one catches my eye, I will buy it if it's in my price range!

Lisa Adams of The Tatting Corner had two of these beauties. I was tempted to buy them both, but decided to leave the other one for another tatter. :-)

Clover shuttles make me happy! Red and Indigo Blue shuttles are not readily available in my neck of the woods, so I just had to get them!

I pick these up whenever I see them. I want stores to continue carrying them, and my theory is that the stores will only continue selling them if they disappear from the shelves.

Moonlit shuttles are another favorite. I like them when I travel because of the built-in crochet hook... one less thing to use!

Although I was too tired to post, I did find time to tat.

I wanted to try out this metallic thread that Lisa had at Tat Days. It's really nice to work with. I chose to use a bobbin shuttle, because I was afraid that the clicking though the tips of the Clovers would cut the metallic thread.

The thread is size 30, so it tats up smaller than the 20. Luckily, I had a glass gem that fit beautifully!

The back is just as pretty as the front!


  1. More beautiful shuttles! Your collection is fantastic. And I love that thread - I've avoided using metallic thread after finding it was hard to work with. This newer stuff looks like its worth another try - it's beautiful!

  2. Beautiful shuttles! Now I'm wanting red and Indigo blue shuttles, too. Your Ice Drop in the sparkly thread looks like it's covered in frost!

  3. I would think something was terribly wrong if you didn't acquire any new shuttles or threads. I love all of your new bits. This blue Ice Drop looks like it has Ice Crystals all over it...perfect! <3

  4. Your collection is growing apace! The ice drops are a great way to try out threads.

  5. Fabulous shuttles!!! :)
    Love the Ice drop!! :)


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