Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trying something new

Periodically, someone will ask what we Ice Drop Addicts use them for other than decorations. Some use them as zipper pulls, others have added pin backs, and some have had ideas for using them in jewelry.

I recently watched a video about using paper to decorate glass gems and then adding a bale to use it as a necklace.

Of course I have plenty of glass gems, so all I needed to do was purchase the bales, which I found on Amazon.

I crackled some clear glass gems yesterday. I don't think they show up very clearly in the pictures, but they look nice in person. I was in the mood to work with blue again, and this time I chose Arctic Waters, Lizbeth #185.

After tatting an Ice Drop, I tatted the same pattern again, this time using one of the glass gems with a bale attached. I like it!

The next Ice Drop featured more picots.

The next Ice Drop pendant followed the same pattern.

I really like these bales. They're glued to the glass gem, so the weight of the pendant is not pulling on the thread. Why not give it a try? It's fun!


  1. Gorgeous Ice Drops! These bales are a fantastic idea; I've used jump rings so far for my pendants, but this is much better considering the weight of the gem. Thanks Diane :) :) :)

    1. You're welcome! I had been using jump rings also. I did drop one, and the bale fell off. I'm not sure if I didn't glue it securely or if the angle it hit was just right. I've also broken a few glass gems by dropping them!

    2. Glass breaks so easily... sad, but part of its beauty...
      Do you glue the bale before or after making the Ice-Drop? I mean, is it possible to glue it before and then secure it in place while tatting by adding a join to pattern that would go through the "ring" of the bale, fastening it to the motif (.... not sure at all this is clear :/ )

  2. Great!! Now I see Ice Drop necklaces in your future!! :)

  3. Great idea I don't like using glue perhaps a jump ring to attach the bale. I see a whole new line of ice drops


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