Sunday, June 3, 2018

Where do I begin?

The week has just flown by! I subbed two and a half days, while Joanne and the kids visited friends, took naps, and played with the chickens. We went shopping Friday and Saturday, a true adventure with the twins! After shopping on Saturday, we visited Aunt Carol, then we headed home for lawn mowing fun.

While subbing, I managed to tat two more Ice Drops. Sophia loves being my Ice Drop model!

Sophia and I counted May's Ice Drops. There are 24 on the tree, and I gave 4 away, for a total of 28. Not bad, but a bit short of my goal of one Ice Drop per day. ;-)

The kids were worn out from shopping, so the twins napped while Joanne, Sophia, and I visited with Aunt Carol.

Then Sophia crashed when I ran in to the grocery store.

The chickens have been a great source of entertainment for the kids this week. The kids love feeding them mealworms, something I won't touch! I love living in the country, but I don't interact well with nature.

The chickens have two favorite places... under the pine trees, and under the forsythia bush. Kara loves visiting the chickens under the pine trees. Last night she was talking to them and wagging her finger at them. They must have been doing something she thought was wrong!

Having company hasn't kept me from collecting shuttles! I love this painted beauty from Grizzly Mountain Arts. I wonder if I should find another job so that I can afford to buy all of the shuttles I want. There are so many!

This painted beauty is from Scotland. Orange Crush is the perfect color to use with this shuttle! :-)

I did miss out on a gorgeous painted shuttle called Mountains Sunrise from Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design. I bid as much as I dared, but some luck shuttle collector outbid me. Shuttles are little works of art that warm my heart!


  1. You have been up to so much, and packed in so much in a week, I am sure the chickens love having visitors, they might even lay more eggs!!
    I think you will be glad of a rest when they go home.
    another beautiful ice drop for your tree. You certainly manage to make a huge amount in a month.
    Enjoy the kids while they are so young they soon grow up

  2. Two gorgeous shuttles, I especially love the turquoise one! Looking forward to seeing some ice drops appear.

  3. I hope all that subbing is paying for your new, pretty shuttles. Such fun to have the family there. Sophia is a good model!

  4. Lovely pictures and sounds like and excellent summer your ice drops melt quickly in the heat 😀🌻😀

  5. Sophia is the perfect Ice Drop model!! I love her facial expression-no beauty model can look that great!! ;)
    Wonderful Ice Drops! :)
    Looks like an awesome visit!!! :)
    Beautiful shuttles!!! :)

  6. do you get lots of good eggs from the pretty chickens?

    1. Not yet. They're too young. We're hoping to have some in the fall. Considering the cost of feed and their housing, we will be eating very expensive eggs!

  7. Never a dull moment! Thanks for the photos of the chickens! How do you keep them from 'running away'? I assume no predators around?

    Can't believe the twins are almost 3! And Sophia is so cute! Great 'napping' photos!

    Love that blue shuttle, and the Scotland shuttle is perfect for the orange thread. Amazing how you keep up with your daily ice drop routine!

    1. The chickens really are "chicken"! They pretty much stay in the back yard, although they have ventured into the front yard when Dave was mowing out back. Oh, yes... we have predators... raccoons, possums, skunks, snakes, coyotes. Dave locks the chickens up at night when most of those critters are out and about. So far, so good!

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