Friday, April 6, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4010 ~ Caramel Apple

Why oh why do some of the threads have food names? It is so hard to tat and not think of luscious caramel apples when the thread name keeps popping into my head! I think I've gained weight this week just thinking about the color name! To make matters worse, I chose to use my Blackberry shuttle from LaCossette. I LOVE blackberries! Let's just say it's been a mouth-watering week!

Daughter Joanne has been visiting from Minnesota this week. She's been spring cleaning my house and cleaning my carpets. Lucky me! Today we took a break from household chores and went quilt fabric shopping with my sister-in-law. Joanne is going to make a quilt for her. I was very good and did not buy one piece of fabric. However, I did find some more beautiful threads that just might be nice for tatting!
These are YLI machine quilting threads. The colors from left to right are Danube Blues, Alaskan Twilight, Kyoto Garden, Nordic Fjord, and Vineyard. How could I pass up names like that? Let me know if you'd like some samples. Be quick, though... I only have 500 yards of each color. ; )

I also treated myself to this book, Cathedral Window Quilts. I love the Cathedral Window pattern, and I have a beautiful section that my mom made. She gave up making the entire quilt, and gave a nice big section to my sister Janet and to me. I've been meaning to start using up my scrap fabrics. Who knows... maybe I'll be inspired! Or, maybe I'll just enjoy reading and looking at the pictures!


  1. those are pretty threads, are you going to use them singley or wound together as HWT as Jane calls them.

  2. The colors look wonderful I hope they tat up as nice as they sound.
    I need to have my daughter come help me clean, too. She is so much more organized than I, and she doesn't have as hard a time throwing things out, either!
    Enjoy your quilt book, whether you make anything out of it or not.

  3. You sure have an awesome supply of fabulous colors there!! :)

  4. Love the Caramel Apple colour it looks real yummy all of those threads are lovely!

  5. I found a store near me that stock Sulky Blendables wt 12 and the colours are soooo beautiful. I bought a reel and made a made a motifcalled Patchwork from Mary Konior's book. It looked so cute but I think its not strong enough for a whole doily. Thanks for showing us the threads and please let us know when you find more use for them. The colours are just so beautiful.

  6. I have that same shuttle! It's one of my favorites! Your tatting is beautiful as always. I received the samples you sent me of the Sulky threads and I can't wait to try them. Thank you so very much for sending them Diane.


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