Sunday, April 22, 2012

YLI #V76 ~ Kyoto Garden

It's been a busy week! I can't believe that I only managed to tat one set of Stumpy motifs. I love this color. The blues, greens, and yellows flow so beautifully! The shuttle is another favorite from LaCossette... Pansies.

Daughter Alison and family came to visit this afternoon, and daughter Carol joined us as well. My granddaughter Eva, who will be ten in June, has decided that she'd like to learn how to tat. So, being a good grandma, I sent her home with her very own starter kit! Eva told me that she'd like to learn how to decorate her shuttles, so we have plans to do some blinging this summer. Keep your fingers crossed... I may have a new tatter joining the fold!


  1. Pretty colors!!! Congrats on passing down the art to the next generation! How exciting!!

  2. Your stumpys are always so beautiful as are LaCossette's shuttles! :-) I have a daughter named Eva. Her full name is Evangeline, but she's always been Eva. Hoping someday one of my girls will take up tatting. Hoping your Eva enjoys her kit and spends lots of happy hours with you tatting.

  3. Oh, how exciting for you and Eva. I had no one to teach me than a small book out of the library, when I was abount 14 to learn tatting. BUT I had a samll pouch with a metal clip of my grandmum, not beautiful, but from her!And I saved my first steps of tatting in there all the years till I restarted tatting. But still I have embroidery floss in it.
    The blue-green thread is totally my color, lovely, Diane!
    Do you have a thread warehouse???

  4. Quante belle cose fai. Anch'io ho due nipoti ma per ora nessuna vuole imparare il chiacchierino.
    Un abbraccio

  5. Beautiful colours, is till can't find this thread, I will have to keep looking as it looks lovely.

    Well done on getting another generation to tat.

  6. How wonderful to pass on your your granddaughter. lol
    That thread looks very nice. Are you having stumpy withdrawal pains?

  7. Your Stumpys look great, as always. I haven't tried that thread yet but I keep hearing a great it is so I may have to start looking for it. Where I'd put it I'm not sure but I'd find a place:)
    My youngest daughter had me teach her the basics of tatting way back when she was in 4H, even did a display of it at the 4H fair, but hasn't done it since. Maybe she'll try again another day. It is exciting to have your granddaughter show an interest. Here's to hoping she likes it well enough to keep it up.

  8. How special to be able to share your tatting passion with your grandchild!

    Wishing you both lots of fun!


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