Saturday, April 14, 2012

YLI #V80 ~ Danube Blues

The YLI threads that I purchased have been sitting on my table calling to me... Forget the Sulky! Tat with me! So I caved. : )

I really couldn't help myself. After all, the thread is called Danube Blues, and those of you who have been reading my blog know how much I love blue! I decided to use my new Lily shuttle from LaCossette. This could be my new favorite shuttle from LaCossette!


  1. Can you do me a HUGE favor? Can you stop showing such beautiful work in little threads that I can't even imagine touching? And another thing: stop making me drool all over my laptop with your shuttles! :-P

    I shall overlook all of that, though, because you love the color blue. :-) (My hair was blue throughout most of teen years, LOL... It's just the most gorgeous color, isn't it?)

    Stephanie Grace
    P.S. I swear that I'm only kidding in the first bit... Sort of. :-D

  2. Diane, I agree with Stephanie. I have been drooling over all the wonderful colored threads (in all sizes) you have. You are making my wallet go empty.

    It is soooo beautiful!!

  3. so, I cannot help ask ... is the Sulky thread better than the YLI thread? Just curious.

    Lovely tatting shuttle!

  4. What a great color of the thread. You have so many great shuttles, it's a dream to surf around on your blog.


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