Saturday, April 21, 2012

One skein of Teenybopper

In case you haven't guessed, Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior is my all-time favorite pattern! I love the way it shows off the colors of hand-dyed threads. This thread is Teenybopper from Yarnplayer. I think I may challenge myself this year to see how much I can tat from each skein of hand-dyed thread that I use. That way, I won't have unidentified bits of thread lying around! The other four motifs are from Occhi, the Peacock Book. I LOVE this book!

Here is my Teenybopper Spinning Wheel in its new home. Top left is my real English Aero shuttle. Top right is an impostor from who knows where., Underneath them is a German Aero shuttle. There is a big difference in each of these shuttles. I love the English, can't stand the impostor, and don't mind the German. I noticed that the Handy Hands catalog shows these shuttles now being made in Mexico. I guess maybe I'll have to try one of those as well.

The three shuttles on the bottom left are from The Shuttle Brothers. The three on the bottom right are Silent Tatters. The blue and brown shuttles in the middle are from either eBay or Etsy, I don't remember which. I guess I should try these shuttles out! ; )


  1. Those are beautiful colors. I've been fighting with myself over whether or not to go ahead and get that book. Maybe when the next Handy Hands newsletter comes out and there's another coupon. :o)

  2. What a beautiful shuttle collection.

  3. You must have the world's largest shuttle collection!

    I believe the 'imposter' is a Susan Bates. On mine, the bobbin just doesn't want to pop out! I had to force it apart, and then it lost its 'ratchet' action. The Pony shuttles (made in India) come in pretty colors, but also have the 'pop out' problem, although not as serious. I treasure my two Aeros made in England and wish I had bought more! At least the German version is okay.

    Apparently you're not having trouble posting with the new Blogger interface?

  4. Complimenti, i tuoi lavori sono meravigliosi.

  5. Beautiful pattern tatted, Diane!
    Regarding the german aero, I know german tatters who think it's not any longer what it was in former times, it has been changed somehow.
    I didn't love to tat with mine, although I can't neglect the advance of the bobbins. Anyway I cut off the winding end ...yes I did ;-))and I pimped it with St.Claus...didn't help :))
    Beautiful new home!

  6. Oh my goodness! I love that colorway!!! it looks like candy, it is beautiful! And of course, your work is impeccable as always :D

  7. The color is awesome!! And the glass mat and motifs are beautiful!!! :)

  8. Gorgeous pieces of tatting
    Beautiful display of shuttles

  9. Me has alegrado la vista con cosas tan hermosas.Besos

  10. You must be The Shuttle Queen!
    I have a skein of that thread I've been saving for something special--I love the colours.
    Your tat is beautiful.

  11. Pretty collections of shuttles (except for that nasty Susan Bates -- it should be embarrassed to be seen with real shuttles!), and the spinning wheel just sets 'em off perfectly!

  12. I can remember before places like Handy Hands, Shuttle Brothers or any other Internet sits for ratting supplies searching any place that sold thread for supplies. Sometimes Susan Bates shuttles and nasty metal shuttles from Boyle where all you could find. If you got lucky and had lots of money there were antique shuttles , but those were very few and far between.
    Lovely spinning mat in a equally lovely color way .


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