Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4011 ~ Milk Chocolate

Yes, dear friends, I have finished tatting Stumpy in another Sulky Blendables thread with a luscious name! The shuttle is Zingy by LaCossette. You may remember that in an earlier post I mentioned that I was having trouble with the thread binding. I'm happy to report that since I've been more careful with my winding, and since I take the time to move the bobbin with my fingers if it feels tight, I haven't had a problem. I'm so glad I asked for advice!

I've had some wonderful surprises in my mail box since my last post. Lelia sent me some thread samples and bookplates. Thank you Lelia!

Jess and Livi sent me a blinged Starlit shuttle wound with some beautiful hand-dyed thread. Do you see the heart that Livi drew for me? Thank you, girls!

Last, but not least, my newest LaCossette shuttles arrived! The top one is Lily, the bottom one is Wisteria. There were two more in the package, but they were presents for friends, and I didn't think to take pictures before sending them off to their new homes.

I have other projects in the works... two Spinning Wheel glass mats in size 20 HDT, one Spinning Wheel glass mat in 12 wt. Sulky, Baby Lace hanky edging in size 80 Lizbeth Grape Splash... those are the ones on the table next to me. Maybe I should find the UFOs in my sewing room and finish some of them!


  1. Oh, Diane, you are giving me shuttle lust!

    I think Jess had a very cool idea with that inscription!

    And La Cossette's are as always, amazing!

    I just picked up again a Spinning wheels glass matt, and I totally thought of you!

    Happy tatting!

  2. Yummies! Chocolate thread, pretty shuttles and mail goodies! Sounds like a wonderful week to me.

  3. The thread sounds yummy. The question is, did you sample a little edible milk chocolate while you tatted with it? ;) Your shuttles look yummy, too, in a slightly different way.
    It's always fun getting surprises like that in the mail.

  4. Yummy thread, lovely piece of tatting,

    What gorgeous shuttles, The Lilly one is gorgeous,
    And lovely gifts

    Ia am sure you will work though all the things you are doing. Look forward to seeing them as you finish them

  5. Beautiful tatting. I love the La Cossette tatting shuttles.

  6. Lovely looking shuttles and wonderful tatting as always!

  7. Hmm, what wonderful new shuttles! I love Lilly!

  8. The chocolate is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
    I like it and this green shuttle the best so far, both are my favs !

    I am asking for sulky thread for my birthday from hubby, lol, but I have a few more months to wait, lol <3


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