Friday, April 27, 2012

YLI #15V ~ Vineyard

This is the last of my YLI threads, and I can't tell you how gorgeous this color way is in person! The photo really does not do it justice. My pretty pink shuttle is from an exchange with TypsTatting. When I first shared a picture of this shuttle, I commented on the size of these itty bitty decorations. I still can't imagine how anyone can manage those little bits. It's so much fun going through my shuttle collection and remembering where they've come from, especially the ones decorated by my tatting friends!

Here's the set of Stumpy motifs in the five YLI colors that I purchased. They'll be off in the mail tomorrow to be shuttle-fied by Chris Hinton. I love each and every one of them. I'm feeling more and more confident about starting a larger project with these finer threads. I wonder what it should be? : )


  1. It looks like a gorgeous color! Where can you get these threads? Please say JoAnn's so I can use my coupon. I'm thinking of asking for OliverTwists for Mother's day. : )

  2. These colors are realy geourgous , all of them and the thread looks so nice, realy "hard" twisted, don't know the right words .....Can imagine the enjoy of tatting with them. So, as this was the last, enjoy looking for a new project :-))

  3. They are all gorgeous, lovely colour thread. Well done

  4. they are beautiful motifs and will be awesome in their shuttles.

    Not sure what you will tat next. Enjoy it!

  5. I do like the colour of vineyard!!! Wine anyone?!?


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