Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another lovely mail call!

We all love LaCossette's shuttles, don't we? Did you know that she's started offering Clover shuttles? I feel so lucky to have been able to purchase these two. I love blinking shuttles, but LaCossette's are much more refined than mine, and I just had to have a pair. I love the names, too... Rose on Blue and Regency. Maybe I should read some Jane Austen now! ; )

I also "had" to order another Roly Poly Bag and Poke Proof Pouch from Jane Eborall. When my daughter Alison and her family were down visiting a couple of weeks ago, granddaughter Eva decided she wanted to learn how to tat. Eva was really excited to learn that I have a friend in England who enjoys tatting, so I gave her the last set I had purchased from Jane. That's okay, because I really wanted this set as well. : )


  1. Oh, those shuttles are to DIE for. LaCossette does some wonderful blinging. Those bags arrived quickly.

  2. You've got some beautiful new goodies. Clover style are my favorites, so I will have to get some.

  3. LaCossette really does have the knack for decorating shuttles!

    I do believe you could be in the running for the world's largest shuttle collection!

    It is so exciting that Eva wants to learn to tat! That would be so special.

  4. Kathy might be right! I want to know EXACTLY how many shuttles you do have! I’ll bet it is a record...
    Fox ; ))

  5. I agree with Kathy and Fox. Although I would like to see a picture of all of them together. I believe it would be a breath taking collection.


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