Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4024 ~ Heather

Yes, I'm still tatting Stumpy motifs for The Shuttle Shop! This color way, Heather, is especially pretty, but I don't think it shows up very well in the picture. Daughter Alison has told me that she'll send me a link for how to set up a little light studio so that I can take better pictures. We'll see if it helps my photography skills. : )

The shuttle was decorated by Cindy at A Happy Bluebird, and I believe it is my first shuttle decorated with a napkin. I love it!


  1. Here you go Diane,
    I have been thinking about making one of these too.
    not that my photo skills are all that great, but better lighting can only help.

  2. That's another lovely colourway, Diana.

    Was looking at the label on my Sulky spool, but don't see the name of the thread colour. Where can I find it? I'm so totally curious... :)

  3. Hhhhmmmm, I think a photo light box would be helpful for me too - the lighting is always my enemy!

    Doesn't the thread color get darker in those shuttles? This color might just be enhanced perfectly :)


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