Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4017 ~ Lime Sherbet

I think of lime as having more green in it. This looks more like the center of a lime than lime sherbet to me, but it still is yummy thread! The shuttle is my new Regency Clover shuttle from LaCossette. I hope she doesn't make any more... I'll be tempted to buy them! ; )

So, another set of Stumpy motifs is in the mail the Chris Hinton at The Shuttle Shop! I'm really looking forward to seeing how these shuttles turn out, especially the Peacock Plume and the Valdani.


  1. Your stumpies look fantastic, Diane! You have tatted them in wonderful colours, and I agree with you about the lime.

  2. I wonder, after supplying Chris with your Stumpys, if you could not make a very large ‘something’ by joining all the motifs, like Jane did with her diamonds and I think Marty did a beautiful one of those as well..

    I’d love to find a motif I loved enough to make scores of them for something very big. It would be impressive, don’t you think?
    Fox ; )

  3. Now that is a color that really grabs my attention. I love limey shades of green!


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