Friday, May 18, 2012

Why not white?

I've been enjoying making these Stumpy motifs for Chris and Erin Hinton at The Shuttle Shop. They're destined to be "Tatted Shuttles" one day, but I don't think there will be a white set any time soon. True, white is classic, crisp, and clean. It certainly looks pretty next to this sparkling blue shuttle blinged by my friend Denise.

So, why not white?

Because there wasn't enough thread on the shuttle! ; )

P.S. ~ I know... add more thread. I can't. I was using thread that was left wound on the shuttle, and I have no idea what I was using! Besides, color is so much more fun!


  1. What if you did a few where the motifs were 'mixed'. Ya know, a white on the bottom and a variegated thread that has white on the other side --or black... OR what if you include a tiny picot-flower on with each one so it'd be Stumpy on the outside, then say, blue flower on the inside on one side and vice versa on the other side? Cant' see your beautiful tatting go to waste -- thread mishap or not! ;-)

    Stephanie Grace

  2. Oh, I agree with Stephanie, make s few that are mixed, with white on ne side and then other colors on the opposite side... how pretty :) for Valentines, white on one side, and a really pretty mixed pink on the other, Christmas, white and on the other, a green / red, or mixed green, green gold, etc.... you got the idea :D

  3. I'm a great fan of colour, and you have been using some splendid threads, but the white is lovely, why not white, indeed! If you made a second one, it needn't be in exactly the same shade of white?

  4. Gotta love white for being the "color" it is, however I really like colors and color combinations such as the blendables you have been using.

    Keep it up, Diane, they are all beautiful, including your white one.. and it's second half :-) (the half would be great on the edge of a card)


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