Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4022 ~ Midnight Sky

Are you getting bored with my thread journey yet? I'm not! I find it very relaxing to come home after a day at school and be able to sit and tat a pattern that I don't have to think about. Plus, it's so much fun to look at all my pretty shuttles! This one was from Val. I'm still amazed at her ability to perfectly place those pretty little decals.

And another set is ready to go off in the mail to Chris and Erin Hinton to be shuttle-fied!


  1. Nope! Not bored yet! I am still waiting for that photo of your entire shuttle collection! Or do I have to see it one by one with all the lovely SIlky Stumpies?
    Fox : ))

  2. You sure have a beautiful thread collection!! :)

  3. Still having fun looking at (and drooling over) all of your thread and's fun to see what you have to show each time!

  4. Can't be bored, Diane... Just more drool. ;p I picked up a couple of the Sulky spools of thread last week to try tatting with. Rather nice to tat, but not if I had to un-tat.


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