Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doodad Double Dare #8!

Wanda at Wanda's Knotty Thoughts has finished her Doodad Double Dare! She was very brave and added seed beads. You'll just have to go take a look.

Thanks for joining in the fun, Wanda!

By the way, in case you're wondering why I don't just re-post the pictures... I'm hoping to introduce you to blogs that may not be familiar to you. It's so much fun finding a new tatting friend and discovering all of the treasures hidden on the Internet!


  1. I visited each of the links that you have posted for this Doodad double dare, and the respective tatters have produced really beautiful tatting incorporating the doodads.

    You are one great enabler and I can't wait to start on mine when I get them. Thank you for introducing something new in tatting.

  2. You are right. It is sooooo much fun finding new tatting bloggers. Until a couple of months ago I'd found only one!

  3. That's a brilliant idea, I look forward to seeing new blogs

  4. Thanks for sharing the links! I've had a lot of visitors since you sent them my way. I've been visiting the other blogs also. Great way to expand Tat-land's borders :)


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