Monday, September 10, 2012

Doodad Double Dare #9, #10, and #11!

Marty posted her progress with the Doodad Double Dare. I love the thread she chose. I also love that she calls them Duded Doodads! Check out her blog to see what a domed doodad looks like.

Stephanie spent time at Tat Days working with her doodads, with beautiful results! She sent me the sweetest email...

HI Diane!
Of all the crazy things - I was at Tat Days over the weekend, and instead of playing around with my 'projects' from the classes, there I was, playing with those 2 little doodads.  Now I'm home, and finishing my Tat Days class projects.  Funny how I do things so backwards sometimes.  Had a great time, though, and hope you can come to Tat Days next year so we can meet in person.
I was sort of thinking 'earrings' when I did these, but since this is my first attempt at both tatting around a metal thingie AND coming up with a 'design' of sorts, they may end up being re-done at some vague future 'time.' WORKED!   ;-)
Don't have a web page, so I've attached a scan.  Haven't decided yet if I'm going to make a small ring as a 'hanger' or just hide the ends and thread the ear wire through one of the center picots on one of the chains.  Either way would work.
Have a wonderful week!  Thanks again for sending the metal thingies.  It was fun to participate.
Big hug!

Frivole also finished her first doodad, calling it Square Elegance... oh, how I wish I had her flare for design!

The greatest part of this Double Dare is seeing what each person has decided to create! Each creation gives me reason to smile, although I do smile a lot already! ;-)


  1. Stephanie did very nice. They make great earrings.
    I like the colors she chose.

  2. I like those!
    Oh, as for the domed doodads, be thankful I didn't do as my sister suggested: a very tiny metal bra for a very tiny Wagnerian opera costume. She also thought of horns so they could be Viking hats. I wasn't up for tatting Viking hats!

  3. Marty, you're a hoot! Maybe I should send you some more domed doodads so that you can make those opera costumes!

  4. Your doodad tatting is just such fun. These are really beautiful and the doodads add lots of dimension. Blissful Tatting...

  5. Wow, how lovely. Everyone is coming up with gorgeous designs! I have mine and took them out to play today, but I am very afraid I won't come up with anything good. Each time I tried to design earrings, I have failed! We will see if I think up a different use for them and get inspired, or get inspired anyway...


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