Sunday, September 9, 2012

Snowflake #1 without the doodad ~ Pattern included

I was interested to see how my snowflakes would look without the doodads, so here's #1 with and without. I like them both, but I really like the extra weight the doodad adds.

In case you want to give this a try, I'll give you my pattern...

These snowflakes are tatted in size 20 Lizbeth, Christmas Delight #116. The doodad is from Fire Mountain Gems, H20-9117FY. A pack of 50 is under $5.

Use two shuttles, wind CTM.

**Center Ring: 4 -- 4 + 4 -- 4 (join is to hole in doodad, picot if not using doodad); reverse work

*Chain 4; switch shuttles

Josephine ring: 14 (I use the second half of the double stitch); repeat from * two times

Chain 4; reverse work**

Repeat from ** to ** five times. On the sixth center ring, make sure you join the last picot to the first picot of the first ring.

Cut, tie, and hide ends.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pattern - I'll give it a try (doodad-less)!

    Wish you could have joined us at Palmetto Tat Days - we had a blast!

  2. I have a ball of this colour which came in the Handy Hands Thread holder - I've never seen big packs of the metal bits here, but I suppose there must be some somewhere! - hopefully so, because I just had a look, and Fire Mountain Gems want nearly $40 postage!!!

    I do like your design, and it looks nice and easy too. Thank you very much for giving the pattern.

  3. Está muy lindo de las dos maneras y el hilo es precioso.Besos.


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