Monday, July 1, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun!

And believe me, I've been having lots of fun! Daughter Joanne and granddaughter Sophia have now been visiting for a week, and we've been drawing relatives to our house like flies to honey. In all the excitement, I've forgotten to take many pictures, but I will share the few I did remember to take.

Monday, daughter Alison and her children, Eva and Aidan, came to visit. They stayed overnight, which was a real treat for me! They only live an hour and a half away, so they don't spend the night very often. Aidan really wants to build a treehouse, so Grandpa has been spending time this past week gathering opinions from all of the grandchildren as to where the treehouse should be built and what it should look like... what a sneaky way to get relatives to come visit! ;-)

Tuesday, Joanne and Sophia went to visit my sister-in-law and her husband for a couple of days. Joanne worked for them for years, and they held a cookout so that all of Joanne's friends from her greenhouse days could meet Sophia. I stayed home and did some much needed cleaning!

Saturday, daughter Andrea and her children, Lily and Ella, arrived from Minnesota. I had forgotten what it's like to have a house full of little girls! We had a marathon sewing session Saturday night and Sunday. Ella left a pink pillow at Grandma Cindy's house, and she was distraught as only a four-year-old can be. Luckily, I had a fabric stash to choose from, and Saturday night Ella received a new pink pillow. Unfortunately, I only had one pillow form, so Lily had to wait until Aunt Carol arrived with another pillow form on Sunday.

Ella wanted a regular pillow case with "lines". The "lines" are the tassels at the corners, organza ribbon and pony beads. The pillow case was a little too short, so we added a wide green and pink ribbon to the end. Crisis averted!

Lily chose one of my favorite fabrics and asked to have buttons sewn in the four corners. She also has a ribbon accent across the flap in the back.

Sunday, daughter Carol joined in the fun, and my sister Janet and her husband Steve came to visit as well. Although Janet lives only about an hour away, we don't actually get together very often. She's a banker and works most Saturdays. We'll get to see each other more when Mom's up to visit in August.

Ella needed an update on her doily, of course! I thought about trying to finish it before everyone arrived, and I probably could have, but there was no way to complete two. So, in order to avoid hurt feelings between sisters, I did not focus on tatting this week.

Lily went through my stash to choose the thread she liked for a Spinning Wheel. Guess what I'm tatting next? When I finish the two Spinning Wheels, I will mail them off the Minnesota. My grandchildren love getting mail!

When Spinning Wheels are finished, I need to focus on dragons for grandson Aidan. He gave me a long list of colors for the dragon collection he hopes to have. I guess I'd better brush up on my split rings!

The play is less than three weeks away, and I'm getting really excited about it! I'm in three numbers, Dancing Queen, Kids, and One. In Dancing Queen, the high school girls are having a slumber party, the middle school girls crash it, and the moms join in the fun. Sandy and I keep messing up the steps, and we're so dorky! That's okay, because we're supposed to look dorky... whew!

Since there are 65 people in the play, we parents did not want to get caught up in elaborate costume changes. We're wearing all black for One, which is the final number involving the entire cast. We parents decided to wear big, gaudy flowers as our costume change for Kids. So, I crocheted big, gaudy flowers this week. For Dancing Queen, we'll just layer a colorful top over our black tops.

Lily and Ella loved the flowers, and luckily I had enough made to share!


  1. You have been so busy! - and I bet there was a lot of cooking involved! Amongst all the lovely pictures of your granddaughters, I spied two shuttles - clear ones - what are they?
    My youngest grandson, 15 months old, has been Taken Away From Me - for two years, to live 3000 kms away up in the Far North of Queensland. It's horrible!
    Fortunately I have two spares...... and a few granddaughters as well.

  2. How wonderful to have had family to visit!! You've been busy.

  3. Beautiful granddaughters!!! I totally love those pillows!!! :)

  4. I know you are busy and having so much fun with your family. Just enjoy it all!

  5. Wow, a house full of little girls - something I have never experienced :) I had all boys :) Sounds like fun, but tiring!

    I hope you'll post pictures of your costumes in the play! It'll be so cool!

  6. Wow, you've been super busy! Love your Spinning Wheels - mine never look that good!

  7. How wonderful to be able to spend quality time with your family. Those two grands are so adorable. Fabulous pillows you made them. Joyful July Dear...

  8. I got tired just from reading all thats been going on over there! Your granddaughters are just beautiful, Diane. The pillows turned out so cute, and your tatting is so, so pretty! xo

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun! A bit tiring, but fun!! It's wonderful that your grandchildren take such an interest in your tatting.

  10. WOW! You have been the very best kind of busy - with your family and those adorable kiddos. You are one smart grandma to avert the possible crises, jealousy, etc. Whew. Fabric and thread stashes come in handy!

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