Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm sure the word is out...

...that my dear friend Fox has moved her blog. Just in case you were unaware of the move, you can find her new blog here...

I'm getting ready to sit down and do some tatting. I haven't had a chance yet today, because I've been designing an order sheet for Dave's spring listings, which will really start booming at the end of this week... or so we hope!

Paige completed a motif of her own design today!

I know that Grace finished her six rings, and she chose an angel motif as her prize, but somehow I didn't get a picture.

I've spent some time decorating Boye tatting shuttles this week. I snipped off the pick tip, which I really don't like, and then I went to town! This is the first side.

This is the back side. As you can see, I didn't have enough of the first fabric to decorate both sides of all ten shuttles. With a little bit of planning, I could have had seven shuttles covered in the colorful fabric. I don't mind, though. I like them just the way they are!


  1. Your shuttles are Very Pretty! Great job!
    Your students are doing so good.

  2. Thank you Diane!
    That was very considerate and I sure do appreciate the support of Tat-Land during my “trials!”

    Something must have gone astray in my karmic path.

    Those shuttles are super. So very pretty. Good for you.
    Fox : )

  3. Well done Paige! It's an achievement to create your own design. Very pretty shuttles.

  4. Very pretty shuttles, I can see we have two very special tatters coming up.

  5. How wonderful that Paige now has the skill to create her own designs. (again...she has a great teacher!) Love your pretty shuttles Diane! That doily in the post below is stunning!!! xo

  6. Wonderful bracelet, she gonna be good! Like the shuttles but I would never snip the ends off, I guess that means we tat a little differently huh:)

  7. Pretty shuttles, Diane. Happy tatting.

  8. Hey Diane!

    Take out the www in my address! That doesn’t work.!

  9. Wonderful little motif there!! :)
    Nice shuttles!! :)

  10. I love the way fabric looks on the tatting shuttles. Fantastic job!!


  11. I am totally endeared by Paige, she reminds me when I tought her to tat. She was 11, I am 10 years older,and she learned so fast!

    Paige should be joining picots soon!
    Are the shuttles present for the tatting kids?

  12. Tatting Bliss with pretty shuttles.


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