Friday, April 4, 2014

Tatting with Myra Piper

One of my favorite little tatting books is Tatting by Myra Piper. The directions are not written the way I like, and there are no diagrams, but I find the patterns easy to follow.

This is the first pattern in the book. Myra called it a snowflake, which I have difficulty doing. The perfectionist in me is looking for 6 or 12 points, not 9! ;-)

The thread is size 20 Lizbeth, #171 Green Coral Sea. I purchased tins online, and then found them available at Hobby Lobby. I'm trying to organize my tatting life, not very successfully. I used my newest shuttle from Banyek. This one is made of birch root, and I give Fox all the credit for my newest purchase!

Shuttle purchases have been booming! I'm sure there are parents wondering why their children "need" so many shuttles, but I haven't heard any complaints yet.

I'm so pleased that the kids keep practicing and choosing motifs from the treasure tins.

Alicia has taken to blinging shuttles, and I think she does a wonderful job! What's even better, she lends her shuttles to friends who have left their shuttles at home!

I give students a floss bobbin with each shuttle. That way they can have plenty of thread to work with when they get home.

Some of the kids have asked if we can have some after-school time for tatting. I guess I'd better put in a request to use the library so that we can have some more tatting time!


  1. You know you're doing a fantastic job with the kids when they WANT to stay after school for more!...I love your beautiful "snowflake" Diane. ♥

  2. Just as Michigan is now a major center for ice dancing skaters, your school is becoming a major 'training center' for tatting! You are inspiring a whole new generation - and one which is surrounded with electronic gadgets - although still young enough to be fascinated by hand crafts. Your idea of the rewards system is brilliant! And the endless possibilities for blinging shuttles really adds to their interest! It's all quite wonderful!

    Of course your enthusiasm and dedication are so inspiring! And Paige seems to be on her way to becoming your assistant! I really don't know how you're finding the time to tat!

  3. I love the book too, but have misplaced it I had forgotten who wrote it, thanks for the information!
    I want to stay after school too!

  4. so exciting to see the students involved in tatting. Myra Piper book is lovely - I enjoy the motifs, too.

  5. How exciting that they want extra tatting time, you must be a fantastic teacher.
    Motif looking very pretty and lovely thread.


  6. Dear Diane , I understand that the kids are motivated to tat, now. Because of their sense of achievement, because of your enthusiasm and because of the lovely presents, but,..HOW did you motivate them in the first place? In the beginning?

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  8. I salute you on such a wonderful work getting the youngsters interested to continue learning.

    I too have this thing about snowflakes must be six or 12 points.

    p.s. I deleted the earlier comment to add the additional comment. I wish Blogger could allow edits on published comments.

  9. The kids are doing so amazing and sharing and wanting to spend after school! Your tatting and teaching is such a gift to them. Bless you dear...


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