Friday, April 18, 2014

Tollway Tatters ~ Reggae Style

We were a small but happy group today...

Sue Anna, Barb, me, and...

a Reggae musician! Yes, he was right next to us, and he was playing and singing for four of the five hours we were together. He was a very talented musician. We liked him so much, we each bought his CD!

I finished Round 3 of Marilee Rockley's "Arches" doily last night, and this is what I chose to work on today... no pictures of that, though. With all the wonderful music in the background and the tatting and chatting with Sue Anna and Barb, I blithely snipped my threads and prepared to sew in my ends. The problem was, I hadn't finished the round. I was only half way there! I put it away and worked on my hanky edging. When I got home, I snipped off what I had accomplished today, rather than try to add new thread. It just seemed easier.

I wish I could remember who conquered rings yesterday. Doesn't this string of rings look nice?

And another young tatter has been working hard on long chains. The kids really enjoyed our after-school tatting class on Wednesday, so much so that they've asked when we can do it again. Can you feel my happiness from where you're sitting? :-)


  1. Sure do miss the Tollway Tatters, but life hasn't allowed me to join in the fun(frowning face). :)
    Such a beautiful doily there!!! :)
    Love seeing the progress all the kids are making!! :)

  2. What an awesome tatting group you have.

  3. Sue Anna certainly is giving her tatting a lot of concentration, I'm sure she is tatting something beautiful! Barbara is watching with much interest. Nice to see them both. I have great memories of my visit last summer. I see the sun is shinning and with the music playing it just had to be a great fun day. Thanks for sharing the pictures.5

  4. Please tell the tatting children that they have overseas fans! I can understand your pride and happiness, Diane!

  5. Oh I wish I had been there, I would have enjoyed the music and the tatting fun. Sorry you had to cut off what you had tatted, but with the music and chatter I am not surprised.
    Yes I could feel the fun over the pond, the kids really have taken to tatting, well done to them all.
    Happy Easter

  6. Such a beautiful doily Diane. Too bad the lovely chatting and music made you loose concentration and snip before you were done. I hope it's an easy fix...Your little tatters keep amazing me with what they're doing!...You're a REALLY GREAT TEACHER!!! Happy Easter Sweetie! xoxo

  7. Dear Diane,
    I have wanted to write to you for the longest time. I love your work. I check back to your blog several times a week to see what's new.
    The children are doing such a great job. You must be so proud of them.
    I always wanted to learn to Tat but so far it hasn't happened.
    I love your blog. I hope you get this comment.

    Best wishes,
    Aunt Bea

  8. Diane I don't think I would have thought of you liking Reggae music...especially for four hours. How nice you each bought his CD. The kids are doing such great work with learning tatting. Love your red doily. Noticed the Craftsy link to Marilee's Shuttle Tatting course and would like to know if you think I can learn from it? Creative Tatting Bliss...


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