Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We had 44 students in the after-school tatting class today, including the two second grade teachers! I admit, I cheated a little. With so many after-school activities at this time of year, i knew we wouldn't have as large a group as last time, so I invited the second graders. The response was... unbelievable!

During the after-school class, two students finished a challenge. Of course, I can't remember who this is, maybe Jessalyn. She was practicing chains with picots.

I remember this is the prize that Paige S. chose. When she came to get her picture taken, she couldn't find her tatting, a beautiful length of chain in size 80. Paige S. is moving on to picots now.

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I found these foam slap bracelets. I thought they would be great for the kids to decorate with tatting.

Dylan took up the challenge, and she has been wearing her beautiful bracelet to school!

Recently, Lou Dawn sent some paperclips with tatting. The kids fell in love with them, naturally!

They have been very popular. In fact, the kids asked me today if I could learn how to do this so that there would be more available. I guess I'll have to go to Staples this weekend to find some cute paperclips!

I also received a box of goodies from Ann. Included were blank note cards that can be decorated with tatting. I thought I took a picture of all the cards, but I can't find it. There was also a bag of size 10 thread, but the kids were so excited with the colors, they were off winding their shuttles before I could take a picture. Since these threads are so pretty and glittery, the kids suggested that I keep these for prizes. I work with some pretty awesome kids!

Thank you Lou Dawn and Ann! You have really helped to keep my group of tatters motivated!


  1. How thoughtful of you to supply the slap bracelets for tatting and wearing. I am just so impressed with your tatting students. How very sweet of Lou Dawn and Ann to send along tatting goodies. I adore the paperclips and hope to be able to tat those some day. I have my shuttle wound...

  2. That's wonderful that you are teaching so many young ones to tat! The paperclips with tatting on them look great!!

  3. Wow!!! Sounds like an awesome time!!! :)
    Seeing all that the kids are doing is such a great inspiration to keep on tatting so that maybe we will inspire someone too!!! :)

  4. You are such an inspiration. What a great group of students you have. With such a great response, have you any plans for the summer to keep the kids interested until next year?

  5. Goodness, you'll be overwhelmed! In the nicest possible way.

  6. It's so wonderful that you've gotten all those kids into tatting. And what lovely paperclips with tatting! I particularly love those coil paperclips with the caterpillars. I wish I could find those paperclips here in Singapore.

  7. 44 students - that's amazing! You're such an inspiration, Diane!

  8. Congratulation! It's a great result!

  9. I reckon the whole of the USA will be learning to tat soon especially if your students go home and teach their families. The paper clips are amazing., it is so exciting hearing about the classea - well done


  10. Dear Diane, your blog has become a daily good news site! And a soyrce of inspiration as well. I am going to try paperclip caterpillars this week-end.

  11. What a wonderful bunch of kids, their motivation for tatting is so great, They must be a joy to teach. Great idea the wrap around bracelets,


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