Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bad Boyes, Bad Boyes

Bad, bad, bad, Boyes, you make me feel so good!

That's what Marilee and I were singing at our Tollway Tatters meeting today. We had so much fun!

I brought along some Boye shuttles that I had decorated. I don't like the tips on the Boyes, so I snipped them off, sanded the rough edges, and blinged the shuttles.

Marilee wound one with thread right away, and started singing "Bad Boyes." We decided it was a great title for a blog post! Marilee and I agreed that we don't care for the Boye shuttles as they come out of the package, but once they've been cleaned up and made presentable, they're not bad at all.

We had a nice sized group today...

Sue Anna and Carol,



Alison and Eva,

and Julie, who drove all the way from Iowa to join us!

We laughed, chatted, tatted, and had a wonderful day! The highlight of our day was spreading the tatting love...

A police officer stopped by to see what we were doing. After a little conversation, we learned that she's the youngest daughter of one of my husband's customers! Isn't it a small world? She left with shuttles, thread, and business cards. She doesn't live too far from me, so maybe she and her kids will decide to come tat with us.

A little while later, this lovely lady and her daughter Sophia stopped by to see what we were doing. They were fascinated, and they also left with shuttles, thread, and business cards. They were traveling from Wisconsin to Cincinnati. I hope they're able to learn to tat!

I didn't get a picture, but we also shared shuttles with a tall, lanky young man from the pretzel kiosk. He recognized us by our shirts. Obviously he's been working when we've been tatting. He was interested in what we were doing. Who knows? Maybe he'll have taken the plunge by the next time we meet!

I did manage to get about half way around this row of Renulek's Letnia. I really am enjoying this doily.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. I hope we have as much fun the next time we get together!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day that attracted attention from passers by - excellent way to publicise tatting!!

  2. Sharing the Tatting Love-- a perfect way to spend the day.

  3. Great to see you all, no thats wrong ya"ll!! What a great way to meet and share the 'love of tatting'. Hi Sue Anna and Marilee.

  4. I wish I was there! Sounds like a perfect day!

  5. Looks like another fabulous time!!! :)

  6. What fun!

    Do I spy a Banyek with your pretty, blue work? : ))

  7. Looks like you all had a great time, I hope those who walked away with shuttles will learn his to tat. I wish I could join you, but there's this big pond between us.

  8. Very successful and fun day of tatting. The tatting circle grows every day...


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