Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A little time to tat

This is my husband's busiest week of the year, and I help him out a little bit by totaling invoices. I'm not a math person, so I find it very boring. It is nice, though, to know that I'm helping him in some small way.

Despite helping to total invoices, I did manage to find a little tatting time. It seems I can almost always find time for tatting!

As I was working on the third round of Renulek's newest doily, I noticed that I made a mistake in round two. The stand-alone ring is tatted incorrectly. It didn't seem to matter, so I decided to leave the mistake rather than fix it. I want to see if it will cause me problems later on. If it does, I'll probably just start over.

Robin's "Late Winter Snowflake" is coming along nicely. I hope to have time to finish it tonight.

If I don't dawdle, it looks like I'll have a little time to tat before leaving for school this morning!


  1. Glad you could find time to tat! Yes, provided the mistake doesn't affect later rows, best to ignore it.

  2. Both projects are looking wonderful!!! :)

  3. I have already done this round and I can not see your mistake maybe I made the same one and didn't notice it! the star is looking good!

  4. It will not affect later anything! Only you and we will know!
    : ))

  5. The doily is looking good, hopefully the little mistake won't come back to bit you.
    Lovely snowflake.
    Hope you get more time to tat today

  6. I can't see how the boo boo will mess anything up. Looks wonderful!

  7. Your snowflake looks great. Red snow exists, they say, in the himalayas.

    I made a mistake as well, and had to cut out a whole row because I thought it was affecting the design. If the other tatters would tell me to leave it, I would.

  8. Now I would totally love to total invoices as that is what I am better at. Your blue doily is stunning. Tatting Time Bliss Dear...

  9. If you can leave it I bet it would take a LOT of looking to find it later! Hoping for the best! Here's to having a little unexpected tatting time :-)


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