Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh, my little tatters!

I just love them!

They keep on tatting, even when I forget to take pictures.

They make presents. Paige tatted this bracelet for me. I am so flattered!

They seem to understand that I am forgetful and cannot remember who tatted what by the time I get home...

...and they keep on tatting!

Yesterday, 6th grader Shawn asked me if I had any more tatting shuttles. When I said yes, his eyes lit up!

I love these kids!


  1. It's so wonderful that you are inspiring a new crop of tatters! Their excitement and enthusiasm must be so fun to experience. Yay!

  2. They are wonderful, and what fun to be the teacher :) And those prizes are beautifully tatted too! If we want to feel good about the day we come take a look on your sight!


  3. God loves you,LLL! Thank you for sharing this miracle with us.

  4. you are wonderful, and your little tatters are fantastic!

  5. Your little tatters are amazing! How very sweet of Paige to tat you a bracelet. Creative Tatting Bliss...


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